Reading Success Plan

What is a Reading Success Plan?


Why Does/Why Doesn’t My Student Have a Reading Success Plan?

Students with Reading Success Plans are one or more grade levels behind in a foundational reading area such as phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, or comprehension. Copies of Reading Success Plans are given to parents during Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences, along with a packet of at-home resources. 

Here are the official guidelines for assigning Reading Success Plans to K-5 students:


Parent Resources:

Helping Your Child Read Handout.pdf



If you have additional questions about your child’s Reading Success Plan, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. Your child’s teacher will also update you on your student’s progress throughout the year. 

Can my Child “Graduate” Out of an RSP?

Yes! Once your student shows growth in their weak areas and is considered “on grade level” in reading, you will receive a notice that your child is “exiting” their RSP. Exiting or discontinuing a Reading Success Plan means that your child caught up to where they were supposed to be, which should be celebrated at school and at home! Students must score at grade level on consecutive district assessments (iReady Diagnostics) to be considered for plan discontinuation. 

What if my Child Doesn’t Catch Up in One School Year? 

In many cases, a student will take more than one year of instruction to fill in their reading gaps. In this case, your child’s RSP will follow them into the next grade level, where it will continue to be used and updated by next year’s teacher(s). You will continue to receive updates from your student’s teacher next year as they make progress toward their Reading Success Goals.