School Bus Regulations

Students should be aware that to ride a bus is a privilege and there is a tremendous amount of responsibility on the student to obey the policies given below. A student who becomes a discipline problem on the bus may be deprived of the privilege of riding the bus. The school bus student policies that have been adopted by the Greenville R-II School, are regulations written in the Missouri School Laws and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations.
The policies are (1) The bus driver has authority over students riding buses and must be obeyed at all times. Students who continue to disobey the driver will be reported to the principal. (2) Students must be on time: the bus will not wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy. (3) Students should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus. (4) Unnecessary conversation with the bus driver is prohibited. (5) Ordinary conversation is allowed. (6) Students must not at any time extend arms or head out the bus windows. (7) Any damage to bus should be reported at once to the driver. (8) A student wishing to ride a bus other than his regular bus MUST present a note from his principal to the driver.