School Bus Procedures

Greenville R-II Schools
Transportation Department

School Bus Policies and Procedure for Parents
The following school bus routines, policies, and procedures have been put in place in order for all students to receive access to district provided transportation services. These policies call for cooperation from drivers, parents, and students. Parents are encouraged to study these procedures and have them readily available in the event of something unexpected happening. The proper adherence to these guidelines should help resolve any issues in an expedient way.

1. Student pick-up/drop off time – Students are expected to be at the pick-up area 15 mins before pick up time and could have to wait until 15 after pick-up time. Greenville R-II is a rural district and one of the largest (by area) districts in the state. Due to the area covered and the unique terrain traversed bus routes can vary in length from day to day depending on if there are substitute drivers, fallen trees, water over the road, less/more students than normal.

2. Child does not get off the bus – If your child’s bus arrives and your child does not get off the bus please do not panic. First try to call the office of the school your child attends, and if there is no answer call the Wayne County Sheriff’s office at (573) 224-3219. They will contact school administration immediately. In most cases the student either had a substitute driver who missed their stop by mistake, fell asleep on the bus, got on the wrong bus, or they failed to communicate plans regarding an after-school activity.

3. Absences – A number of routes have “spurs” or pick-ups that require in and out trips down roadways with only one stop at the end. If for any reason your student does not ride the bus for three days in a row the driver will cease running that part of the route. In order to restart transportation privileges in these cases it will be necessary to contact either the driver through a prearranged process or to call the transportation director at 573-224-5000.

4. Changing drop-off/pick-up – If there is a change to drop-off times please inform us before 1:30 p.m. that day (unless there is an emergency). This helps your student get the correct information and ensures student safety. For bus notes and changes please provide exact first and last name of the person picking up a student and exact location of the pick-up.

5. Student Planning – All students, especially elementary, need to know their bus plans. They need to know the daily routine, their bus and their driver. If there is a change to the everyday plan, please inform them and ensure they know the change for that day.

Please stay familiar with these policies and procedures and keep these available for further reference. These are put in place to ensure safety and access to education for students. Failure to adhere to these policies will only create confusion.