23-24 School Opening Guidelines

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Return to Learn Plan


This coming school year brings new challenges. As we look forward to the 2023-2024 school year, we anticipate COVID-19 will continue to circulate. The Greenville R-2 School District will take steps to reduce the transmission of this virus while balancing the need to maintain a strong education system that effectively supports staff, students, and the community.
The district has developed guidelines that will optimize education and promote health and safety. This guidance document provides strategies and recommendations the district will implement at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Updates or revisions to these guidelines will be announced as the COVID-19 response evolves.

Promoting Behaviors that Reduce Spread

Staying Home when Appropriate:
• Staff and students should stay home if they have been tested, tested positive, or showing COVID-19 symptoms (Fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc.)

Returning to School:

• 1 day with no fever and
• Respiratory symptoms have improved (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) and
• 5 days since symptoms first appeared
• A negative Covid-19 test has been verified

Confirmed COVID-19 Case:

In the event a staff member or student receives a positive COVID-19 test, the following procedures will be followed:

• If 5% or more of the student body test positive any day, the district will close for 10 days
• If 4% or more of the student body test positive 2 days in a row, the district will close for 10 days
• If 3% or more of the student body test positive 3 days in a row, the district will close for 10 days.



Protocols have been developed by district nursing staff to screen students, as needed, who self-refer or are referred for symptoms. The district will not, at this time, engage in mass screenings as they create unsafe bottlenecks of traffic at entry points into the facilities.  Any student having symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will be asked to stay home according to measures previously mentioned above in this document.


Social Distancing

Research has shown physical distancing between individuals is very effective in reducing the spread of the virus.  Where possible students will be distanced 6 feet between individuals.  Lunch times have been rearranged to minimize close student contact.  Due to the layout of district facilities and the number of students served physical distancing is not always possible and district personnel will try to maintain physical distancing of at least 3 feet wherever and whenever possible.  Due to the impracticability of this task it is recommended that all students and staff wear masks where physical distancing cannot be achieved.

                                                                                              Respiratory Etiquette

Students will be encouraged to practice proper respiratory etiquette at all times. The school nurse will guest
teach at the elementary level in order to properly train students on these practices. Older students will receive
a handout with the appropriate information. Teachers and staff at all levels will monitor students and
reinforce the practices at all times. Respiratory Etiquette includes but is not limited to:
• Again masks are recommended in all settings
• Covering the nose and mouth with a tissue and disposing of the tissue in the nearest waste receptacle
• Washing hands after coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, etc.

Safety Measures

The district will promote health and safety at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. The following safety measures and procedures will be implemented by each building.

• The district has purchased and will use covalent sprayers to completely fog and disinfect each building and bus each day.
• Adequate sanitation supplies will be distributed throughout each building.
• Frequently used surfaces will be cleaned routinely.
• Students will be asked to clean workspaces before transitioning to another space
• Personal work spaces will be cleaned and sanitized frequently.
• Staff will be trained on healthy hygiene/personal space practices and will teach these strategies to students.
• The district will promote hand-washing strategies which will include washing with soap & water for at least 20 seconds
• Students will be reminded to not touch their eyes, nose, or mouth.
• Students will be reminded to not share cups, eating utensils, food or drinks with others.
• Students should have their own supplies, paper, etc. There should be no “
group” supplies.
• Lunch times will be staggered and students spaced out to the greatest practical extent
• Students will be encouraged to bring personal water bottles from home.
• Students and staff will be encouraged to wear masks over the nose and mouth.
• Buses will be sanitized at least once every day.

  • Masks will be required on buses (per federal order).
  • Students and/or staff who have Covid-19 symptoms at school will be isolated until they can leave school.
    • Only essential visitors will be allowed in buildings during the school day.
    • Large assemblies will be avoided when possible.


The Greenville R-II School District will work to limit restrictions and increase accessibility to COVID-19 vaccinations.

● The district will work with providers to hold in-house vaccination events.

● Parents will be provided with information on locations, signup protocols, and walk-in locations of vaccination sites to assist them if they decide to vaccinate their children in consultation with their health care providers.

● Employees unable to get vaccinated after the school day or during district-organized events will be allowed, in coordination with the building administrator, a time during the workday to go to a scheduled vaccine appointment or visit a walk-in vaccine site.


 Students with disabilities:

The pandemic has placed many hardships on students with disabilities. Any parent with a student that has a

disability that places them at increased risk of serious illness from Covid-19 should contact the students
appropriate office as soon as possible. Accommodations will be made to ensure the safety of all affected
students and to insure full participation in the educational process. Accommodations will include:
• Greater social distancing measures where and whenever possible
• Regular “check-ins” with school nursing staff
• Alternate scheduling to avoid crowed and/or congested areas
• Alternate meal-time areas
In addition the district will work with individual students and families to provide home-bound instruction for
any student who is unable to attend on-campus classes due to complications of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Reasonable accommodation to ensure continuity of services

The Greenville R-II School District has developed a plan to allocate a portion of the ARP ESSER III grant to support the expansion of studentsacademic and social/emotional needs. The district will address gaps in the curriculum, provide online learning opportunities, and increase summer learning opportunities, including remediation and enrichment programs. The district will increase social/emotional and behavioral supports, including professional development of staff, and identify resources necessary for support. The district will identify additional opportunities within and after the school day to increase student contact time and support the differentiation of instruction to address learning loss and accelerate grade-level instruction. In addition, the district will make accommodations as necessary or as mandated by an IEP.

 In the event of a “shut down” and disruption of educational services due to Covid-19 the district will continue to provide educational opportunity to all students through virtual instruction.  Google Classroom will be utilized to maintain student contact during any pandemic related closures.  Records are being maintained regarding student internet accessibility and the district will make available wifi connections and student devices as necessary.  If these accommodations still do not allow student connectivity any affected student will be provided hard copies of all learning materials.  Additionally the schools counseling staff will be available to respond to any student needs as they arise.  To respond to physical and nutritional needs the district will maintain food services operations as well.


  Intentional Flexibility:

Our re-entry plan has been drafted to allow the district very intentional flexibility in responding to the needs of the community as they relate to our current situation, as well as to circumstances as yet unforeseen.

Our tiered plan will allow the district flexibility to operate within a combination of precautionary measures to meet the needs of our students.


Communication and Public Participation

In cooperation with community leaders and key stakeholders, the Greenville R-II School District developed the initial Return to Learn Plan that was shared and approved by the locally elected school board. The initial plan and updates to the plan are presented to the school community at large at the Board of Education meetings, where public comments are accepted. In addition, the plan was initially posted on the district website during the 2020 – 2021 and is available for comment.

Parents and the community were kept informed of the initial plan and are informed of updates and changes to protocols by posting information on the districts website, newsletters, articles in the local newspaper, radio interviews, the district newspaper, and speaking at local community events and service organizations.  The plan will be reviewed monthly at scheduled school board meetings occurring on the third Thursday of each month.


The plan has been developed with members of the community, parents, staff members, administration, and school board members.  The plan will be reviewed and revised as necessary every other month.

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 August 19, 2022

  Please contact the superintendent’s office (573-224-3844) if a copy of this plan is needed in another language.