Inclement weather plans


It is the time of year to think about and plan for winter weather events.  Please remember to have a plan in place in the event school would have to be dismissed early due to inclement weather.

I would also like to inform everyone of a new procedure being implemented by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) this school year.  Last year the state legislature approved an Alternate Methods of Instruction (AMI) plan.  This allows schools to provide at home assignments to be used during inclement weather days.  In total the district can make up 36 hours of missed school in this way.  Full attendance is counted for students who complete the assignments.  I say again in order for a student to be counted as present for the day the assignment must be completed.

The plan will be implemented as follows:

1.  If a winter storm is forecasted with the likelihood that school would be cancelled the following day students will have assignments to take home with them.

2.  School closures will be announced as always with the instruction students are to complete AMI assignments.

3.  Teachers will be available by email for assistance.

4.  Any students absent when assignments are made will be given make-up opportunity or given access to the assignments electronically.

5.  Assignments not completed will result in the student losing recess (elementary) or being placed in ISS (JH/HS) until assignments are complete.

Each winter event will be limited to two days of assignments that would be completed at home and returned once classes resume.

By doing this we can more closely hold to the annual calendar adopted for the academic year (maintain scheduled "breaks", the last day of school, etc.)