FAQ Covid 19

Frequently Asked Questions About Covid 19 and Schools
Posted on 05/12/2020
FAQFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Regarding Covid-19 closure

Q: Will my child receive credit/advance to the next grade?
A: Yes, there will be no hold backs or loss of credit due to the closure.

Q: How will grades be figured?
A: Grades for second semester will be determined based on third quarter grades. We were only about two weeks into fourth quarter and those grades will be used only if it is beneficial to the student.

Q: How will missed academic time be made up? Will my student be behind?
A: Remember the whole country is in the same situation. Every effort will be made to ensure all students are provided for educationally to make up for lost instructional time. Please take advantage of the resources listed on the school webpage. One simple but effective way for students to “stay on track” is through reading. Have your child read throughout the closure and summer months, and write summaries based on what they have read.

Q: What about summer school/summer sports activities?
A: Discussions are currently underway at the state level in order to give local district guidance for the coming months. Plans will be announced at such time guidance is received?

Q: My child has personal items at school, when can they picked up?
A: When the “stay at home order” is lifted at the state/local level an announcement will be made regarding these requests.

Q: My child has school owned materials at home, when can they be turned in? Will they be placed on a fine list?
A: Again once the “stay at home” order is no longer necessary announcements will be made. No one is being placed on a fine list until opportunities have been given to return library books, textbooks, etc.

Q: My student owes a fine or lunch bill, how can it be paid this year?
A: We have an online payment system set up on the website.

Q: What about regular school spring events, concerts, trips, banquets, etc?
A: These are all cancelled with no plans for make-up.

Q: What about academic/sports awards?
A: These will be purchased as usual and provided to recipients at a later date.

Q: What about Jr./Sr. Prom?
A: Prom is currently postponed indefinitely and will be rescheduled when and if state authorities deem it safe to conduct large social gatherings.

Q: What about graduation?
A: The administration and the Board of Education are discussing options regarding graduation and will make an announcement soon.

Q: What about spring pictures?
A: Life Touch offices are currently shut down due to the “Shelter In Place” request by the state. As soon as the ban is lifted they will be contacting schools on the best way to distribute the packages.

Q: What if I have a question not addressed in this document?
A: Use the school website to email the superintendent directly.

Remember even though we are several weeks into the school closure and the crisis itself information is still developing (sometimes by the hour). New information will be provided as it is received.