How to Access iReady at Home

iReady is offering free, customized reading and
math lessons for your student! They can complete
this work at home, helping maintain what they’ve
learned this year. Here’s how to access iReady at
1. Go to or bookmark Greenville
R2’s direct link:

2. Click “Login as student”
3. Search for Greenville Elementary or
Williamsville Elementary if you did not use
the direct link.
4. If your student knows their school email and
password information, let them “login with
Google”. For all younger grades, click “Clever
badge login”.

Image of Clever Login Screen
5. Elementary teachers sent home badges with
students. If your student needs an additional
copy of their badge, please email me at
[email protected] with your
student’s first and last name. I can email you
a copy of their badge. You can either print
this to use for logging in, or pull up the
picture of the badge on your phone or
another device, and hold up the badge to the
screen when asked to present the student
6. Your webcam will need to be enabled to
capture the badge and log in.
7. If you do not have a working webcam, email
me and I will send you an alternate login
method for your child.
Your student has used their badge multiple times this
year, and will likely need no assistance in logging
themselves in!
About iReady Online Instruction


● Give students a quiet space to complete iReady
● Set aside the same time each day for online
reading and math lessons.
● Help your student if they don’t understand a word
or directions. These lessons are meant for
practice and are not for a grade. You may support
their learning at home by rereading passages or
directions to them.
● For older students, encourage them to take notes
during introductory math or reading lessons.
● Breakup reading and math blocks by having
separate reading and math times each day, or by
alternating math and reading days with longer
amounts of time spent on each subject daily.
○ For instance, you could have students work
on reading from 9:00-9:45 am each day, and
math from 2:00-2:45. Or spend all work time
on reading M/W/Fr, then math on T/Tr, then
flip the schedule the following week so both
subjects are being covered equally.


● Have students spend hours on iReady each day
(No longer than 45 minutes to an hour per subject
per day)
● Allow your child to rush through lessons or
“click-through” to be done. If they fail a lesson, I
will see the results and either reassign the lesson
or start them at an easier level on a similar
● Use iReady lessons as a punishment. This should
be a positive program, allowing students to keep
up with school while at home.